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About Jordan Elizabeth Studios

Jordan Elizabeth Studios provides affordable business solutions to small businesses nationwide. Jordan Elizabeth Studios has had the opportunity to serve clients from the Pacific to the Atlantic – from California, to Colorado, to Pennsylvania and beyond. Jordan Elizabeth Studios services include website design, consulting, promotional materials, fundraising & event planning, product development, advertising campaigns, and much more. To read more of Jordan Elizabeth Studios’s services, please visit our “services” page.
Jordan Elizabeth Studios projects are based on an hourly rate. Jordan Elizabeth Studios is guided by the motto: “hours with integrity.” If something you’re looking for is similar to an existing project or has already been designed for you or another client, you will only be charged for the time necessary to personalize it for you or your company.

About Jordan Elizabeth

Jordan Elizabeth Beck is a resident of Colorado and a graduate of Chapman University, having transferred from the University of Denver. Her personal accomplishments include a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, a second-degree black belt in five styles of the martial arts, and consecutive annual honors in the National Piano Auditions. Jordan completed high school three years early, before receiving an impressive Dean’s scholarship to attend DU at the age of fifteen. She is passionate about photography and about children with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum. Her interests include traveling, golf, the martial arts, piano and graphic design.


At Jordan Elizabeth Studios, we want the most for you and your company. Our goal is to help you achieve and exceed your company’s goals and expectations through three strategies:


Jordan Elizabeth Studios will work with you to find the perfect way to create a brand identity for your company, which will be consistent through every platform for your company.


Whether it’s help designing your website, developing your social media, collaborating on an ad campaign, assisting with virtual marketing, or consulting on your web presence – our team is here to help you along the way, in any way we can.


Jordan Elizabeth Studios can tackle your in-house photography work, logo design, stationary and business cards to elevate your brand and keep your presence fresh in the marketplace. Contact us for brochures and documents of all kinds.

Small Business Solutions

Our goal is to help you create a vision of a positive & upward path for your small business, helping you turn that vision into a reality, every step of the way at an affordable price.


It’s key to create a consistent image that can be carried through all of the various platforms that your company is on (logo design, website, social media, etc.). Jordan Elizabeth Studios will create a sharp image that will leave an impression with your potential clients. Custom logo design, social media marketing and management, custom photography and personal service are the hallmarks of Jordan Elizabeth Studios.


It’s important to grab the attention of your potential clients – a user-friendly website is a crucial element, especially for small businesses. Jordan Elizabeth Studios will create a beautiful, clean website that will instantly command interest. Our team is highly skilled in website development on a WordPress platform, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and SEO. This combination of skills allows Jordan Elizabeth Studios to create sleek, personalized websites that are unique and engaging to your customer base. Websites can also be created for a marketplace environment, incorporating a credit card processing segment. Jordan Elizabeth Studios can also help create business plans, professional pamphlets, handouts and catchy ad campaigns. Jordan Elizabeth Studios will create any necessary custom website content needed for you, to provide a personalized feel for your website, and can assist in searching for stock photography. Searching for stock photography can take hours! Your time should be spent on the other aspects of your business. Let us help you grow and thrive!


Our team has successfully planned and executed events, both large and small, in the Denver area and beyond. Locations include the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom), Mile High Station, golf clubs and local restaurants. Using platforms such as Eventbrite, Jordan Elizabeth Studios will help your event run smoothly. We can help make your event a profitable one!

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